Posted by: Mark Tayar | February 18, 2009

Tribes you should be leading…

Seth Godin is an indisputable guru of marketing especially for those in the IT world like me. His latest book Tribes is short and sweet and looks at the importance of being a heretical leader.

As a young entrepreneur, are you challenging the status quo or are you just following the same tired rules your parents followed?

I’m surprised by the number of uni students I talk to who aspire to work in the Big 4 banks or Big 4 accounting firms.  EY claims to be entrepreneurial and Commbank says they are “determined to be different” but these are the same safe and traditional companies creating more and more “sheepwalkers“.

Be traditional and safe if you strive for mediocrity, breaks some rules and be a leader to be an exceptional entrepreneur.

The book is available from Amazon here.


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