Posted by: Mark Tayar | March 8, 2009

Track your goals each week

We are constantly told to set ambitious goals and review our progress but this usually ends in some vague objectives that are written and forgotten. Even in your business or current workplace, do people really take KPIs seriously and monitor them ruthlessly?

It’s all very well to float around in “dreaming rooms” or formulate “big hairy audacious goals“, but when you have those goals you must do something at least once a week to achieve them. If you are not measuring your wins, then what’s the point of winning?

Here’s some quick tips to help you set and track your goals:

  1. Start thinking about your personal goals ahead of your career goals (read Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited)
  2. Set ambitious goals but make sure they are still SMART
  3. Categorise these goals into logical groups such as Career, Health, Learning, etc.
  4. Check your list of goals to see whether they contradict each other.
  5. Set long-term targets for the goal and make all your metrics positive. Positive metrics are metrics which you always aim to increase which helps you chart your progress and help you create optimistic goals.
  6. Start recording your metrics each week in a goals spreadsheet with charts (see our Goal Tracker Spreadsheet in entrepreneurship templates)

Thanks to Career Coach Benay Wettle for discussing these tips with me.


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