Posted by: Mark Tayar | June 1, 2009

Fresh Faces in Tech: 10 Kid Entrepreneurs to Watch

In our entrepreneurship education events we ask participants to rate each of the presenters. We have academics, serial entrepreneurs, professional trainers, inventors and successful young entrepreneurs. These surveys consistently rate young entrepreneurs as the most inspiring presenters with the most practical content. My guess is that this is because it is easier for young people to communicate with and relate to other young people. There is also an element of “if they can do it at their age, I can do it do”.

To help you get motivated and inspired by the stories of young entrepreneurs, I recommend you view this slide show.

Fresh Faces in Tech: 10 Kid Entrepreneurs to Watch

Even if you are not working in tech or don’t ever plan to, this slide show has a few interesting lessons for all of us.

It would be great to get a list like this of young Aussie Entrepreneurs. We already have a brief list, but please drop me an email if you want to share your success story:


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