Posted by: Mark Tayar | June 3, 2009

Free Money for Young Entrepreneurs

No, this isn’t a get rich quick scam and no, you do not need to pay us first before we give you money. We are looking for young people in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra with exceptional business ideas for micro grants. We made a bit of extra profit from two of our social ventures and now want to issue it to other young business people who have good ideas.

Grants range from $500- $6,500 but there is of course a catch! Your idea must be revolutionary, heretical, and must fulfill this mission:

Teach young people about entrepreneurship and re-distribute all profits to funding other young entrepreneurs

If you want to share your idea with the world, post it as a comment below. Otherwise, email the idea and your plan to re-distribute profits to



  1. From Recruitment Directory’s Blog:
    Author: Thomas Shaw
    Date: 10:21pm Thursday 04 June 2009

    Well done to Mark Tayar from Recruitment Systems, who has set up a social enterprise called Hire Marks Consulting. They are currently offering financial grants to teach young people about entrepreurship in the community.

    Hire Marks Consulting is a group of young people helping fellow young people to start successful businesses. It aims to help others profit but not create profits for themselves.

  2. Hey!

    We have developed a new piece of tech, which can benefit to many people and are looking for alternative to patenting, since patenting is simply segregation of people from technology.

    Would you be interested in collaborating on developing GNU like license for physical products?


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