Posted by: Mark Tayar | June 27, 2009

Young Aussies not afraid of business risk

Young Australian business leaders apparently take more risks than our Asian counterparts. According to a recent study by re-insurer Swiss Re, Australia had the highest proportion of young business people willing to market new products. The research, which was also picked up in this week’s BRW Fast Starters, also revealed that 50% of Australian respondents would be happy working for smaller higher-risk companies.

This is great news for those organisations engaging young entrepreneurs and creates some interesting challenges for Gen Y employers.



  1. Very interesting post, Mark. Looks like you are gearing things up a little bit.

  2. Being able to identify/sustain reasonable risk in the current environment will determine just how long each economy takes to recover. Not to mention it will also make a fair few people their fortunes.

    Remembering that along with the need to act on ideas to gain momentum as Mark touched on before. Means if you have a good idea in your head, now could be the time to get that back work done and locked away. Just in time to take advantage of the opportunities that always follow an economic slowdown.


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