Posted by: Mark Tayar | August 7, 2009

The Power of Shared Values

My favourite young software company Atlassian is hiring 32 new software developers despite the downturn. They have a fun recruitment video that states their very clear, very powerful and a little bit colourful values:

  • Open company, no bullshit
  • Build with heart and balance
  • Don’t fuck the customer
  • Play, as a team
  • Be the change you seek

Atlassian Recruitment Video



  1. For all recruiters, we are looking at this and other recruitment videos on an upcoming blog post at:

  2. Hi mate,

    Great to see your post! For more info about our recruitment efforts, go to

    Some pretty interesting recruitment initiatives such as:
    * Start fresh Initiative (new starters to get a holiday before they even start)
    * Recruiters Bounty Program (recruiters can refer candidates, but only a limited amount and against a set bounty fee)
    * Refer-a-mate (AUD$2000 referral bonus if you refer a mate)


  3. Ross clennett just posted on this campaign, a little bit slow ay Ross?

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