Though we encourage outside of the box thinking and don’t want you to be constrained by too many frameworks, templates for your business documents can be handy. If you find these useful, please feel free to share them round but please keep our logo and web address on there to help us promote.

  • cc2 Goal Tracker – a spreadsheet to track and chart all of your personal and professional goals
  • Project Plan Template – a basic framework with guidelines to help you plan a project and communicate the plan to your team.
  • Training Proposal – a document with the typical headers you will need when preparing training for your staff or customers. For advice on each section, stay tuned to our blog or email us.

Want some more templates? Suggest some by an email to hi@hiremarks.com. Please also let us know if you found an error or a broken link.

Marketing Spreadsheets

There are also some excellent marketing spreadsheets made available to us by Dr Theresa Flaherty from James Madison University.

Advertising Costs Planning Spreadsheet This spreadsheet allows you to calculate CPM Estimates, CPRP Estimates, and Milline Rate Comparisons
Advertising, Promotion, and Sales Staff Budget Budget for advertising/promotion and sales staffing over a three year time period.
Ad Spending by Month A monthly advertising spending plan broken down into categories such as newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, and other.  Budget includes number of ads and cost.
Agency Selection This matrix can be used to measure your compatibility with a prospective agency.
Competitive Comparison Matrix The competitive comparison matrix provides for a comparison of strengths, and weaknesses for both you and your competitors.
Company Situation Analysis Spreadsheet organizes information into five categories:  strategic performance indicators, SWOT, competitive strength assessment, conclusions concerning competitive position, and major issues/problems the company must address.
Competitor Pricing History A spreadsheet useful for organizing competitors’ prices over a period of time.
Direct Mail Analysis Use this spreadsheet to run the numbers on a direct-mail campaign. The form includes a breakdown of gross margin of the product being sold, the cost of the direct mail piece, and an analysis of the profit and break-even point.
Marketing Budget (30+ pages) The Marketing Budget spreadsheet consists of separate budgets for Advertising, Catalogs, Direct Mail, Literature, Product Launches, Public Relations, Resellers and Trade Shows. Each of these budgets can be used separately or in conjunction with the Advertising & Promotions Summary which tracks total annual marketing expenditures.
Sales of Competitors Spreadsheet that tracks sales of leading competitors (in either dollars or units) over time.
Sales Promotion Plan and Budget A template to categorize various sales promotional tools and develop a budget.
Sales Source Analysis Spreadsheet for analyzing sales of leading competitors (in either dollars or units).   Use this form to track your marketing effectiveness by summarising sales revenue generated by each activity.
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